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Sunday, February 26, 2012

What the Hawks Roster SHOULD Look Like

Now...I know this isn't the team...but this is what the team should have looked like.

You are allowed to carry 23 on a roster. My roster is way better than what currently is being put on the ice. With this lineup, the Hawks would still be under the cap, and are balanced throughout 4 lines. This Roster contains, speed, grit, skill.
First Line
Sharp - Toews - Kane
This line always seems to produce and with the goal scorers and passers on this line, it can be one of the most dangerous lines in hockey PERIOD.

Second Line
Stalberg - Pirri - Hossa
I, to this day, believe that Brandon Pirri should have made the team. Megga talent, and with Hossa on that line, the speed of Stalberg this could have been a special line.

Third Line
Saad - Bolland - J. Hayes
Look at what Jimmy Hayes is doing with his 6'5" frame and look how Brandon Saad is doing this year. He should have stuck with the team. This line would have had speed, size, grit, and scoring ability

Fourth Line
B. Smith - Mayers - Brunette
I first was going to put Carcillo with Mayers and Brunette. But, I love Smitty's play. He's quick, he offset's Bruno's lack of speed. Mayers is a solid 4th line player and has been a solid player for the Hawks all year long.

Back ups
M. Frolik (F)
D. Carcillo (F)
J. Scott (F,D)

 Keith- Seabrook
Limit their time on ice a bit, but this line together was special.

Montador - Leddy
Leddy still needs more experience, but with Montador on his line that would have helped.

Hjalmarson - D. Olsen
Hammer and Olsen play solid. Neither are puck carrying defensemen,...but both have that ability.
Hammer will sacrifice his body, Dylan will dish out a hit.


S. O'Donnell - too slow, too damned old
Sami Lepisto  - doesn't make good judgements on the ice
B. Bickell - whew.....Need I say more?
R. Olesz  - overpaid, and needed to dump salary. If he was making 1million, then he'd have replaced Smitty on the roster.
M. Kruger - Sorry bud', but Pirri is a better athlete than you.

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