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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm Really Not Sure...

...where the Hawks are heading. They grab Brendan Morrison to play with Sharp and Hossa. Okay,... that seems like a good idea. Being a full time 2nd line centerman seemed a bit to much for the young lad. However, In a game that was as important as this, and to stick Morrison on a line that has 2 powerhouse scorers... I don't think that was the right move. Hossa and Sharp combined for a total of 4 shots (Hossa with 1). They need to be more effective than that. Quenneville has a habit of messing with what works. Sometimes to a fault.

"IF it ain't broke, don't fix it". Hossa was scoring points like nobody's business and Sharp before he went down was doing the same.

Crawford last year proved to be the man that was determined to be the starter. He stole that job from Turco. This year, he's doing alright, just not quite impressing me like he did last year. His focus is off. Sophomore-itis perhaps?.

Oh,........last night the Hawks lose in O.T. to the Sedin's Canucks 3-2 (touche , since it was a Sedin combo that scored the OT winner).

Stalberg got the 2nd star yet he was the won that fancied himself through center ice to only get stripped for an odd man break away that scored the tying goal. So, I guess that rewards him with a star? Yeah, he got a goal , but his give away cost them that lead.

Hawks actually outplayed the Canucks in the 2nd but since lately, this team has lost that focus to close the door. They can't convert on opportunities.

I honestly don't see this team,....AS IS, making it past the first round. Even with the superstars they have, this team with Quenneville screwing around with lines and Bowman/Quenneville : (not sure who was the head honcho here) bringing Jimmy Hayes back to the Icehogs. WTF? Really? That man brought spirit, heart, big body, goals, size, assist..............and he gets rewarded with a trip back to the AHL? Get your collective heads out of your asses. Listen to me whisper this in your ear.....:GET RID OF BRYAN BICKELL, THAT WASTE OF SPACE !!!!!!

Right now, media is saying things like "the jury's still out on B-Mo. STFU ! They're missing the point as usual. B-Mo isn't the issue. He's a good character guy. It's the collective camaraderie of this team. Honestly, I don't see Frolik doing SHIT!  Bolland, is playing much better of late,...and that needs to be done for the Hawks to make it out of the first round. Kruger....he's alright. He works hard, but just is overmatched. Shaw. I LOVE this kid. He hustles every single shift. LOVE this kid. Which probably means Q will send his ass down too.
Hawks have some players that are being dead weights. Bickell, Frolik and Montador, O'Donnell, Lepisto........yeah,...what the hell has Monty done of late? (joking aside) Is he still playing?  OMG!.

Hawks need a REAL top forward and they need to find a way to ship out Frolik and Bickell. Just shoot ole' dog. BTW.......look who I thought were dead weights to this team. Lepisto,......totally in Q's dog house, he's as good as done. Montador, who I thought would be a good signing is marginal at best, O'Donnell, who is slower than dogshit, Carcillo,... who is done for the season after his 3rd suspension and a torn ACL along to boot.
These are Stan Bowman signings. The only one that is kinda working out is Brunette. Bruno is going to get his 20 goals most likely......actually I think he slows down to 15-18 goals this year.

So, I'd have to give Bowman a " C-" grade for his free agent signings. I'll give him an "A+" for clearing up cap space,........but WTF, something with that space will ya? I hope he's working the phones. I hear that Tim Gleason or Tuomo Ruutu are in the mix of being considered as trades. Ahhhhhh,.... Ruutu brings grit, but we need better. Gleason is alright, but still want better with 5million + left on the cap.

So, to finalize, I would say that this 9 game road trip is VITAL to get 11 pts from. Anything less than that is a disgrace. As of today,.........they are 0-0-1. 1 point.

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