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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blackhawks Zero Commitment To Defense

Jonathan Toews pointed it out yesterday that the disturbing amount of "tap in goals" was due to the Hawks giving up on the simple things. Q pointed it out in post game that they tried playing run and gun against a team that is much better at it than they are -- and they paid dearly. Guess the Hawks haven't learned from their mistakes. Bolland and Shaw were a +/- 3 Leddy  was also a +/- 3 with Hjalmarsson and Seabrook a +/-2.
I understand that Shaw is trying to make a name for himself, but it's Bollands responsibility as his line mate to set the tempo.
Now, players like Montador  who I beat up lately, was actually a +1. So, can't throw the blame his way.
I saw a few times during the game where Hammer would race down into the end lose the foot race and back away without so much as a forecheck,  allowing a clean pass to a direct goal. Wtf Hammer?!!!! Our player MUST start playing defense. This team is going nowhere quickly. Keith who was the culprit in the last ass whoopin' was a +0, so again, can't blame the Alternate Capt.
There was one play I saw that Kane could have stopped a play and simply let it go when the Hawks got called for a penalty. They almost scored on that rush. Kaner has become a liability on the ice lately. What the heck is his problems?
What do the Hawks do from here? There's a lot of the blame game going on which is cancer to a locker room, and I truly don't see anything happening.

Last night I had a dream that the BRASS pulled Q for a game, brought in Savvy to coach the one game was Blunt, McDonough and both Bowmans sat in the Box in Calgary along with Q to decide who truly needs to be there, and who they need to get rid of.
 Frolik, has he become a total useless piece of, much so he was actually a healthy scratch. So, the Hawks are seeing what we are, but the players simply aren't responding. Bickell get's 6 minutes of icetime a game if and when he does play. Scott made a stupid play up ice that actually caused a break away. I know that Keith was a +0 but man oh man, he made a blindsided pass to Seabrook and it was so off, and that pass was dead center 40' from Crawford. Disturbing how nonchalant the Hawks have been playing in their own defensive zone. Keith is such a far cry from 2 years ago Norris. I don't even see a hint of that guy. What's up his ass?
Well, to Calgary and I see a disastrous game there, too. This road trip may knock the Hawks out of playoff contention. When will Q have to start taking responsibility for his team's bullshit playing? Really? He hasn't coached that well at all. Something's gotta happen and it should happen soon.

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