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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time To Fire Coach Joel Quenneville

Loaded with excuses and No results. Their PP is putrid. Their penalty kill is just as putrid. Their goaltending sucks. They have NO ONE that can stop ANYONE at the blue line. When the Hawks went on their first tumble on the last big road trip, how did he punish his players? He let them go blow off steam in Las Vegas.

He's supposed to be a "players coach" My question is this? If the team isn't responding to your coaching efforts should you fire the entire team, or let go of the man responsible for the tumble?
Sure the players are not meeting expectations. But, it's the coaches fault. He must go NOW while the Hawks still have a chance of making the playoffs. Coach Q was given a quality team in October. He's absolutely shit on this team and now their scrambling in their own minds. I saw the game again tonight. Turn overs by everyone. (Stalberg, Kane, Keith,  Shaw, Seabrook, Bolland name it). The only players that are consistent day in and day out............HOSSA, SHARP and TOEWS. ....and you could add Jamal Mayers. He's been pretty consistent all year long, as well. After that the talent starts to get thin. Keith, Seabrook and Kane are marginal right now. They are all supposed to be stars. Well, why aren't they playing like stars? The next person that is responsible for this team is Stan Bowman. He hasn't pulled the trigger in getting rid of Bickell, Frolik, Quenneville, Crawford, Lepisto, O'Donnell, Scott, Montador, Kruger, Hjalmarsson.

Why Stan Bowman should ALSO be under fire.
1) Chose to keep Hjalmarsson over Niemi. Wow, is that looking like the dumbest move EVER.
2) His free agent signees as a collective whole are SHIT!
3) Had an opportunity before the season started to get rid of Olesz but chose not to.
4) His trades are marginally effective.
5) Can't seem to get the picture of what is really needed for this club.

Hawks are spiraling back to before 2007. We, as the fans don't appreciate the laziness and stupidity of the Brass (Bowman and Q).

Time for Quenneville to be let go,.........for certain. But, also consider Bowman on the hot seat. He shouldn't be dishing out 100% of the blame. He needs to take a good percentage of that responsibility.

Hawks right now SUCK and it's those two's fault. Time for something to be done and it must be done immediately.

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