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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hawks...back to their same old habits

Mike Kitchen..... See this face? This is the face that is responsible for the Blackhawks absolutely atrocious PP.

Mike Haviland...See this face? This is the face responsible for one of the worst PK's in the league.

Hawks in the first period gave up 2 PP's and couldn't do diddly on their PP's.

When you watch the Hawks they look.........disorganized. They look afraid to shoot, They continue to make sloppy passes. People aren't in good positions and in fact,...the last several games if it weren't for Corey Crawford, the score would have been worse. Break away attempts off of PP's is at an all time high.

OMG............I must be a truth sayer....... I finished writing this blog.....turned back on the game and sure as shit.......Hawks give up a shortie.................... NEED I SAY ANYMORE? Get rid of the piece of crap!!!!!!! They're back to they're same shitty playing. Hawks do not deserve to make the playoffs. In a way,....if the Hawks don't make the playoffs will John McDonough get involved and start cleaning house? Something needs to be done and quickly!!!!!!! I'm a truth sayer...the humor I find amongst this mess.

Hawks.........what are you doing? You guys are settling and making excuses rather than trying to fix the problems. The "getting to basics" thing isn't helping. Get someone in there that can actually run a powerplay. I bet there are some great coaches in the college ranks or AHL that would love an opportunity to coach Hossa/Toews/Kane/Sharp/Bolland.........

PK........Hawks are 26th (that is before tonight's pathetic effort) in the league in PKs... and that's not going to get better anytime soon.

So WTF is Stan Bowman doing? I don't want to hear "oh he's making calls".........screw him. He NEEDS to finalize deals that can better this team. He NEEDS to fire at least 2 of the coaches. I told you I would have fired Coach Joel Quenneville,............that apparently isn't going to happen. But, you're going to tell me that keeping Mike Kitchen as the Asst. Coach is working? He's drunk if he thinks that.

So,......the only person we got in this trade season is Brandon Morrison? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  BORING and INEFFECTIVE. Half the time he's a healthy scratch.

New book: How to Bring Down a Glorious Franchise: Written by Stan Bowman.

Action needs to be made. These are the last few days available for trades. What is Bowman going to do? We'll wait asleep in our lounge chair apparently.

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