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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hawks MUST fire Quenneville NOW.

The Hawks are on the worst losing streak in the Rocky era. Have you been watching this team of late?
They look so discombobulated out there. The stars are even playing at half speed.
time to bring Scotty Bowman back from retirement. He works for the organization, and I believe he's the only person right now,...or the BEST person to get this team out of it's doldrum.
The lineup's that Joel is putting out there even shows his desperation. He's trying every single Mickey Mouse line-up and NOTHING is working. In fact, it's shut down his top 4 players. He has Morrison on the first line and put Stalberg on the 4th line. Shaw's game starting tilt  didn't really inspire the team,... nice try though. It's like a team that is drowning, and they can't figure out anything to get them out. They're playing HARD, but they aren't playing SMART.
Scotty Bowman demands change. It's time that after this Phoenix game that Stan Bowman make the change.
John McDonough must get involved if Stan cannot do so. So,...Stan, get your head out of your ass and make the change IMMEDIATELY. At the end of the year, the assistants need to be replaced as well. PK is 3rd worst in the entire league. Entering the game the Hawks were 0 for their last 13. Well,  add a few more to the back end number.

I've seen people like Jesse Rogers get upset calling Hawks fans "fair weather". He's such a fucking retard. We're not fair weather. Of course we want our team to do well,....  but we went from upset, to bothered, to fidgety, to disgruntled , extremely upset, to now we're just PISSED OFF. Quenneville is KILLING this team. We need a change NOW. Not March, Not April,............NOW!!!!!

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