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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quenneville FIRED

Okay,...I can dream. He needs to be fired. His team is on a season high 6 game losing streak. The team looks so discombobulated and he is one that is 'heavily' in charge. So, Get rid of his ass NOW.

I am presently watching this game and they are losing 4-2. They look terrible on defense. Turn overs like crazy and their offense is just as bad. The passing is absolutely atrocious and it's from everybody.

This team as is........WILL NOT get past the first round. They'll sneak in the playoffs, but they won't do jack shit! That is a FACT!!.
Keith and Seabrook looked like shit today. Plain and simple. When their basic game is extremely lacking, then they won't go far.  GET RID OF QUENNEVILLE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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