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Monday, February 27, 2012

My recent post on ESPN

The thing I don't like about this team is the LOADS of excuses they have, but they don't produce results. Stan Bowman is talking about how hard he's working the phones, you see any good additions to the team? I don't. Maybe if he ignores the problem, it will go away. ....good attitude to have Stan. They could use an Adam Burish, could use Dustin Byfuglien again, could use Bobby Ryan, and about a handful of decent stay at home defensemen. They need grinders that know how to get the puck out of the zone.  
Hjalmarrson - sorry, he isn't cuttin' it.  
O'Donnell - makes me cry when he plays. 
Lepisto - just not ready. He makes "bad" decisions on the ice. He's the defensive version of Viktor Stalberg....with less talent, of course. 
Montador - has anyone missed him? I haven't 
Keith - he plays "exhausted" or "uninterested" more than I like to see from your star defenseman. 
Seabrook - can hit, but his give aways in the defensive sone are always amusing to watch. 
Carcillo - thanks for coming, now see you later (and he wasn't that bad...he did bring energy and a sign on his back that said "suspend me if you dare" ) 
Brunette - ahhhhhh, he aw'ight. 
Frolik - here today, gone tomorrow. Boring. Zzzzzzzzzzzz 
Well folks, that's your team. That's who Stan brought in to take care of the departure of Campbell and Campoli. Nice job you idiot !!! 
He does good things like gets' rid of some of the garbage like Hendry, Dowell, Skille, Potulny, Pisani,...and gets rid of the people that aren't afraid to crowd the net like Brouwer and even Kopecky. (Questionable,...okay)  
New Book : How to Crash a Team in 2 Years : by Stan Bowman.  
Out in paperback at your nearest Barnes & Noble. Hard cover also available. 
The Hawks have one of the worst PK's in the game. Thanks for putting Haviland in charge of that.  
Let's put Mike Kitchen in that position. Oh,....recently they are 1/40 on the PP (last one I'm counting is Kane's goal)...that's 2.5% NICE thinking there. 
Kitchen should meet Destructicon : This bot tears humans from limb to limb..  
Here's our cities donation......Do it!!! 
Haviland has proven he can coach...but, anyone miss John Torchetti yet? OMG I'm freakin' ready to cry my eyes out. 
Note to Stan Bowman: You have to turn OFF the Mute button on your phone. Now try calling again. 
Jeez........tired of their despicable play. YUK ! 

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