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Monday, February 20, 2012

Blackhawks showed grit and teamwork 3-1 win against St. Louis

The first period after a morning start,...11:30am to be exact. Which is usually the warm up time for the practice team. These players are on schedule all the time, so throwing them off their regimen and...adding the fact they just came home after a 9 game road trip,...yeah...they were rusty. ALL except Corey Crawford who was sensational and kept them in the game.

NOTE: I made it my business to watch Sami Lepisto today. There were times he looked really bad by giving away turnovers, but there were times he looked pretty good. He isn't used to the speed of the NHL game. Hard to do that when you're sitting on the bench nite after nite,...but it looks as though he sometimes gets flustered when pressured and he does blind passes right into the opposition for a big  breakaway. Sean O'Donnell (who played his best game of the year) kept saving Sami's butt the first period and a half.  Sami will get there He just needs more ice time. After that disastrous beginning, he forechecked well, he stopped Chris Stewart on a break away (Sami just led him off the puck and forechecked him nicely.  Keep it up Sami.

Jimmy Hayes didn't get as much ice time, but whenever I saw him on the ice, I liked it. He stole a puck and nearly shoved it in on B. Elliot. He stuck up for his teammates and wouldn't let R. Reaves have his way with teammates. I enjoyed watching his game.

NOTE: Ryan Reaves is a complete fucking pussy. With just a few regulation seconds to go, He horse collars John Scott and pulls him to the ground. The Refs want to pull them apart as they get up, but Johnny wasn't going to have any of that. John Scott then proceeded to hit Reaves grill and if it weren't for losing his balance would have PUMMELED Ryan Reaves. When John Scott hit the ice, Ryan Reaves took liberty and punched John Scott in the back of the head. PUSSY!!!!! WTF was that?

B.J. Crombeen was on the ice at the same time. He can't beat up Jimmy Hayes, or Jamal Mayers, or Dylan Olsen. He's just a pussy.

The Hawks stood up for each other. They didn't allow the Blues to take liberties on their stars. Even Jonny Toews got into a shoving match earlier when on an icing call he saw a teammate (forgot who it was ...) get shoved into the boards, Jonny came right up and shoved the prick right back. Good job Jonny!!! Captain's lead by example.

Bickell...ahhh...,he's playing better, but I saw times when he made me want to pull out my hair (not in the crease long enough as a big body, not digging in hard in the corners, and weak forechecking). I want to see more from this guy for me to get off his case. Until then,...he's still #1 on my shit-list.

Dylan Olsen played solid again tonight. Had a difficult time passing tape to tape early, but he was wonderful on defense. He was a solid piece of why Crawford only allowed 1 goal. (besides the fact that Crawford was outstanding tonight).

Kaner and V-berg did turn the pucks over, but hustled back and played 2 ways. I liked seeing that from both of those premadana's. Kaner knew what to do with the puck on Keith's goal. That was a wonderful play. He also dealt the exact play he had the other night to Sharpie, but the pass was a bit too strong and Sharpie whiffed on it. Argggghhhh .

The moral of this story, is that you don't have to play a perfect game, but dammit, with grit, have solid goal tending and play as ONE unit. That is EXACTLY what they did tonight. I'll admit, the way that Brian Elliot's been playing, I did think they were going to lose 1-0. I was a bit scared until the Keith goal. Once tht happened, they were playing in such a manner,...(not playing scared) that I knew they weren't going to cough one up. They made sure everything that got to the Crawford had guys right in their face.

Bolland and Keith, in my opinion were the 2nd and third best players in the game and Bolly was rewarded with  the 2nd star.

Wow!...It sure is fun to write when they're winning, eh?

3 stars
C. Crawford
Corey Crawford
Blackhawks - G
Saves: 29
Save Pct.: .967
D. Bolland
Dave Bolland
Blackhawks - C
Goals: 1
Assists: 0
B. Elliott
Brian Elliott
Blues - G
Saves: 24
Save Pct.: .923

Scoring Summary

1st PeriodSTL - CHI
19:36St. Louis BluesSTL
Andy McDonald 3 (Assists: Jamie Langenbrunner 17, Patrik Berglund 13)
1 - 0
2nd PeriodSTL - CHI
1 - 0
3rd PeriodSTL - CHI
4:52Chicago BlackhawksCHI
Duncan Keith 4 (Assists: Patrick Sharp 27, Patrick Kane 36)
1 - 1
13:03Chicago BlackhawksCHI
Dave Bolland 17 (Assists: Duncan Keith 29, Bryan Bickell 7)
1 - 2
19:10Chicago BlackhawksCHI
Marian Hossa 23 (empty net) (Unassisted)
1 - 3


Shots on Goal3026
Power Plays13
Power Play %0%0%
Season Power Play %13%18%
Penalty Minutes2317
Faceoffs Won2426
Faceoff %48%52%
Season Faceoff %50%52%
Blocked Shots153


C. Crawford(notes)30129.967060:00
B. Bickell(notes)011+1020200-2414:06
D. Bolland(notes)101+2040095.6432917:55
A. Brunette(notes)000+1010001.0002013:58
J. Hayes(notes)00000301101.0001208:07
M. Hossa(notes)101+1021300-2617:51
P. Kane(notes)011+1010100-2822:21
D. Keith(notes)112+3021100-3428:03
M. Kruger(notes)000+1010147.3642518:04
N. Leddy(notes)000-1030200-2923:19
S. Lepisto(notes)0000000200-1410:49
J. Mayers(notes)00001201141.8001407:04
S. O'Donnell(notes)0000000100-1108:23
D. Olsen(notes)000+2000600-2819:47
J. Scott(notes)000-1700000-604:36
B. Seabrook(notes)0000020300-3125:40
P. Sharp(notes)011+1040200-2822:09
V. Stalberg(notes)0000020200-2414:14
J. Toews(notes)000-10002810.4442821:34

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