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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hawks on the verge of beings psychologically "Finished" Quenneville should be FIRED

The Hawks are playing so poorly and you can see the attitude in the locker room. It's poor. If the Hawks do extremely poor this 9 game road trip, is NOT out of the question that Coach Quenneville could be fired. I certainly would fire him. He's the one in charge. If he can't get them to play inspired, if he can't get the proper lineup's in for each game, ...then he aught to be fired.

Hawks lost for the 7th straight road game. 0-5-2. Yes, Joel Quenneville SHOULD be fired. PERIOD!!!
Players are not being held accountable. (Keith, Seabrook, Frolik, Kruger, Kane, Crawford, Shaw, Bolland, Leddy, Hjalmarsson and of course BICKELL). That is over HALF of the team that is sucking eggs right now.
Sure, Bolland is now scoring, but he's sacrificing his defense. So, he is deciding to partially play.
Right now, there is only 3 Hawks that give a shit. Toews, Sharp and Hossa. The rest of the team simply isn't cutting the mustard, (so to speak).

0-2-1. 1 point for the first 3 road games. FUCKING PUTRID!!!!!!!!!!

I am calling for Quennevilles job. He must be held accountable for this teams self destruction.

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