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Friday, February 3, 2012

Time For Evaluation

When you evaluate a team you really need to start with the brass first. They're the ones that put the team together and the ones that put the team on the ice.

Stan Bowman: (C-) He get's an A+ for clearing up cap space, but his evaluation of what makes a team click is sucking ass right now. ALL of his signees........all of them. Carcllo: Started off well, but 2 in season suspensions and 1 suspension at the beginning of the season, he was given at the end of 2010-2011 season (So, 3 in total) have hurt the Hawks. He did well with Hossa and Sharp. But, typical of Q, he kept finagling with the lines and Carcillo's production went down.

Coach Joel Quenneville: (C-) I actually get tired of his crap. He has completely lost the wonderful team chemistry the team had at the beginning of the year. It's completely gone.

Corey Crawford: (D-) Sophomore-itis BIG TIME> He even got pulled from tonights game in Edmonton. He allowed 5 goals and they were mostly his fault. Bad positioning, sloppy easy goals being let in. He absolutely SUCKS ASS this year. I am not in love with our netminders AT ALL....(and yes, that inccludes Ray Emery).

I am truly pissed off right now, and don't wish to evaluate any more players . but, I'll give you a hint, there are only 3 players with a B+ or better grade...and Kaner isn't one of them.

Hawks get shelled tonight inn Edmonton...AGAIN 8-4 Sam Gagne 8 point night and 5 goals. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?

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