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Friday, February 24, 2012

Hawks played 40 minutes. Lost 3-1 to Stars

Hawks...well, they sucked donkey balls tonight. These are the players that concerned me.
1) Brent Seabrook. Holy crap dude. Turn overs, not able to box out. Just bad playing by Seabs.
2) Viktor Stalberg: Is the guy such a fucking hotdog that he doesn't know how to play a team game? He was off sides and stopping momentum. Not seeing his certerman and wing for drop off passes. He sucked the big donkey balls tonight.
3) Corey Crawford. Guess 4 games is all Corey can handle than he reverts to mediocrity.
4) Niklas Hjalmarsson. He didn't do shit. Period. Can we trade him and his 3.+ Million dollar contract for someone who is worth a shit?
5) Nick Leddy. Sloppy uninspired play by Led's.

Sure, Hossa coughed up the puck that led to their first goal. But, he was the best Hawk on the ice.
He was all over the ice trying to create things because his teammates wouldn't.
Jimmy Hayes , Michael Frolik also played well.

If the Hawks wish to win on a "consistent " basis, they MUST quit losing to the basement teams. (Edmonton, Dallas, Colorado, Calgary, Carolina ) and start realizing that EVERY SINGLE GAME is important.

Coughing up a 3rd period lead was despicable...and reminds me of the Hawks of old. Well,...guess not too old eh?

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