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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Marian Hossa In Calgary

Marian Hossa's wife Jana Ferova`, had 'an illness" , post-delivery issues . 
Quote from Hossa: (reported by Mark Lazerus):“You love hockey so much, but in this matter, family is the most important thing for me, and I’m sure for everybody here,” said Hossa, who said it was a “rough labor.” “Soon as something like this happens, you want to be there for them.”

 Marian returned to Chicago as his wife was readmitted into the hospital. Here is the good news...It appears from all reports that Jana is fine and Marian can now return to the Hawks knowing his family is healthy and well.
Walking to Practice (In Calgary) Sandals: PRICELESS 

* Antti Raanta will get his first NHL start tomorrow (came in relief of Crawford :last game)
It’s been a week already, been waiting and waiting to get this start,’ Raanta declared. “Of course, I’m excited.”
* Jeremy Morin gets sent back to Rockford (no shock there with Handzus coming off of the DL and Kostka shortly thereafter)
* Johnny Oduya sat out of practice today in Calgary. No update on his status for tomorrow's game.
*  LINES @ practice : 10-19-81, 20-26-88, 23-37-65,  52-16-28

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