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Monday, November 25, 2013

Hossa Goes Back To Chicago. Baby Daughter?

There is a buzz on whether or not new daddy Marian Hossa returned home to Chicago because of issues with his baby girl. Hossa is a father of 2 daughters. There is NO indication and no one has leaked anything out on what the problem is. We, as hockey fans, we as Blackhawks fans, certainly hope this issue that he returned home for is much less grave. I will certainly keep you informed the minute I hear why Marian Hossa returned back to Chicago. So,..let's cross fingers and pray for the Hossa family and hope it's just as simple as a boo-boo, ow-ie or a flu-bug. I have reviewed Q's comments and his facial expression would LEAD me to believe it is nothing too grave. I am hoping Q's poker face isn't too goo.

So, here's to hoping it's a pipe leak in the house. Peace!

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