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Monday, November 25, 2013

Are the Blackhawks Truly The Only Team In Chicago That Is Worth A Cr*p?

Bears just recently lost to the St. Louis Rams and 'though they are tied for first, let's admit it,...they're a crappy team.

Even worse on the list are the Chicago WhiteSox and the Cubs. Two of the biggest loser franchises in sports. The WhiteSox have won 2 times in the past hundred years, and the Cubs are the worst team EVER.

The Bulls, are the only ones on this list that have won anything in the past 20 years. Pulling off 6 championships in the 90's, they still have some reprieve from being called a doormat team. The health of Derrick Rose will decide just how far they go. If he is healthy they are a final-4 team.

Well,...that leaves the Blackhawks as the best team in Chicago. They literally built that team from the ground up. They were considered the laugh of professional sports in 2005 and in 2013 they've won 2 cups and are the team people try to model themselves ALL sports. They Hawks aren't copying anyone elses recipe for success but their own. Now,..that doesn't mean they don't model their on-ice attitude off of anyone...for they certainly did that by modeling their play like Detroit's. (at least, that's how it appears to most). But, they have put themselves in a few years at the top of the sports world by showing all sports franchises how to run a team in a city (that loves it's sports),  like Chicago.

I have found myself not even caring a little bit what the Sox or Bears or Bulls do........Don't even care. I don't watch their games. I don't follow their teams. (As you have seen,...I have never followed the Cubs,...thank God)... Why follow teams that totally SUCK. Not just the athletes,...but more importantly,...the ORGANIZATION. If you want to fail, model yourself after those 3 organizations (Sox, Cubs, Bears),...then you'll be sure to fail.

SO, Are the Blackhawks TRULY the only team in Chicago that is worth at crap?....Answer: a resounding YES!!!!!!

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