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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hawks and Andrew Shaw Agree To Terms

As the Blackhawks get ready to face Phoenix  and realize even though they have been winning, they need to sure up their 2014-15 line-up. With that being said, Andrew Shaw gets a healthy 2 year extension at 2 million per year. Andrew "Mutt" Shaw is the guy that gets under the skin of his opponents, is a solid 3rd line centerman, can play wing and you can throw Shawzy in the special teams, as well.  Good on ya, Shawzy!

I'm a little concerned for the "mental health" of Jeremy Morin. He's a healthy scratch more often than playing. He could be filling the net in Rockford, but instead, the Hawks have chosen to use D-man Sheldon Brookbank as a winger rather than use Jeremy Morin. Jeremy is a true talent that needs that ice time. The Hawks are going to either have to use him.....or lose him. I do hope that on this road trip coming up, that J-Mo gets his shot. (And I mean more than the stupid amount of ice time he does get when he isn't a healthy scratch.). Maybe the Hawks simply just don't have room for him. Anyway,...just bringing up the obvious. THIS is a big concern...especially for us J-Mo fans. I wish to see him stick around for many years. I love this kids game.

As you can see,...The Hawks have 2 home games left this season. BOTH tough opponents (Phoenix, S.J.)  Phoenix has had the Hawks number in the UC the past few years. It's time to right-that-ship.
S.J. a lot like last year, has gotten out of the gate very early, and has started to falter a bit. I don't know why this happens with this team,...but, it's been a bad habit of the Sharks. Expect 2 hungry opponents. Both wish to prove they have what it takes (to themselves) to compete with the Stanley Cup Champions. Now,...let's look at the road games. Nashville, Colorado, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Dallas and another game against Phoenix.
Hawks, believe it or not, usually have issues against Edmonton, and Vancouver plays the Hawks tight. Calgary,...much better than last year, is a 50/50 game in how well they show up. They already took one against The Hawks...a game the Hawks easily should have had.
I'm looking forward to November 19th,...the upstart Colorado Av's who are dying to prove "they belong" at the top. IF they are like last year,...they will also start to fade. The Hawks need to knock them off their pedestal on their way to being the #1 team in the conference. It starts with Phoenix and carries on through Colorado....

9 games (8 of which are road games) in 15 days.

Oh,...last but not least,...Michal Rozsival is okay after taking a puck in the face against Dallas. Good to hear! No need to miss another defenseman.

















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