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Friday, November 22, 2013

Hossa and Morin and Crawford Return Against Winnipeg

Marian Hossa after three days off is back in today's line-up. It is believed that Hossa was ready to come back in spite of the injury to Bickell.

Bryan Bickell is expected to be out 2-3 weeks. This will give Jeremy Morin a few more opportunities to make the line-up and to get more ice time.

Despite giving up a truck load of goals lately, the ever so tired Corey Crawford hits the net again tonight. I hope he starts getting his legs back...tired of seeing Crawford give up 4 and 5 goals a night lately. It's shot up his GAA to the stratosphere. NOT a good way of making team Canada. In fact, with the recent game performances, I would say the odds on Corey making team Canada are <5% now.

Michal Handzus is going to make the Circus trip but won't be in the line-up this evening. Antti Raanta is also making the trip as Khabibulin is on LTIR (hopefully until the end of the year).

Kostka will probably be ready to come off of injury before the month's end.

Okay,....that's all the IR stuff and who is replacing who....The only thing I enjoy here is that the players I thought should have made the team Pirri, Morin and Raanta (We knew Raanta wasn't going to be on the team due to the Khabi' signing) are finally on the team for the first time as BLACKHAWKS.

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