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Monday, November 18, 2013

Antti Raanta Gets Called Up

When I watched the Hawks play yesterday, I noticed they just looked out of sinc ESPECIALLY after Khabibulin gave up two easy goals. They could never get back on track. Even when Crawford had to come back in the game, even he looked exhausted and out of energy.

When Khabibulin went down, I thought, this may be the best thing for Khabibulin. It prevents him from getting his bags packed. I think this could have been a make it or break it game for Khabi. So, for him to go down and be injured allows him to still get paid, and the Hawks to put him on injured reserve. He got fortunate to get hurt, for it made the Hawks decision to keep him a bit easier.

We all new at the beginning of the season that Raanta was the future back up for the Hawks. He's played solidly in Rockford and he can relieve Crawford who has given up 4+ goals a game the past 3 games. He went from a 2.09 GAA to a 2.50 GAA the past 3 games. He can't play 75 games this year. That would hinder the Hawks chances of repeating. Do not be surprised if Khabibulin is out for an EXTENDED time. He is not what the Hawks need at this time. Raanta is the medicine,...the proper goalie for the team.

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