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Monday, November 4, 2013

Hawks Play Without Territorial Play

Until the last 5 minutes of the game the Hawks played on "half a tank". Especially the defensemen. It was a lackadaisical effort by the team. When Eddie Olczyk  said the Hawks need to start playing "Territorial Play".....I said,...that's it. That is the word I was looking for. There was absolutely NONE of that. It was a snoozer of a game. The Hawks then turned on the jets to score a power play goal, then gave up an overtime goal with Shaw's self deflection past Corey Crawford. Shaw's play of late has not been a "smart" game. I know he's filtered  a few points, but his play has not been "bright".

The Hawks have this ability to sleep through 55 minutes of a game before turning it on. The problem is that they are allowing teams like Calgary to stick around and get an opportunity for points, and they are putting themselves in a position for not getting any points at all. It's hard for a team to find that mo-jo every night,...I get it,..but if they wish to be at the top of the league at the very top, the San Jose's and Colorado's don't appear to be resting. This game was a 9/10 on the "Snooze Meter". Hope the Hawks don't lay too many more eggs like that for it is a heavily packed road schedule this month.

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