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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Khabibulin Looked MISERABLE

It didn't start out that way. He started out making really nice saves in the first period. Then with 59 seconds to go (again, a last minute goal given up by the Hawks), Khabibulin gave up his first goal. Then in the second period, he was beaten like a rented mule and gave up 3 goals which gave Ottawa the lead 4-2 with 8:46 to go in the 2nd period. Crawford came in and was splendid. He gave up one goal  and boasted a Sv% of .933 (as opposed to Khabi's .818)

The 40 year old looked every bit his age. In fact, he hasn't really looked splendid this season. You could see the entire outlook change on the bench as soon as Crow took over. The fans were cheering as soon as Crawford replaced Khabibulin. The Hawks simply don't have any confidence in Khabibulin and you could see it in Coach Q's short comments: "We gotta be better".

This could mean the beginning of the end for the Bulin Wall. The Wall's been down for many years. Same with Khabibulin's goaltending abilities. Meanwhile in Rockford, Antti Raanta has been tearing it up lately. Raanta could be up sooner than next year if the Hawks goaltending woes continue.

Welcome back to Chicago Khabi.....Now get out!

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