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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Joakim Nordstrom Project Is FInished...For Now (More about BP and J-Mo...Why Not?!!!)

I've been begging God ,......"God please send Joakim Nordstrom back down to Rockford,...and please bring back Jeremy Morin. Thank you, case I don't get to thank you later."

Well, half of my prayers are answered. Firstly,...Joakim Nordstrom has been sent down. The other prayer hasn't been answered yet,...but we shall see.

I didn't let you guys know that I also asked that Brandon Pirri be brought up to the Hawks.

IF THIS HAPPENS,...then all is right in the world.

Surprisingly, let me just inform you how LITTLE some of our Blackhawks reporters know. Tracey Meyers answered a tweet of mine last week, when I asked if she was informed or even heard about disgruntled Pirri and J-Mo.....Her response:

  1. Hearing BOTH Pirri and Morin want OUT. Any follow up news?

So to let her know how I felt about her Brandon Pirri comments...when Brandon Pirri came back up and in 2 games has 2 goals (1 of which is a PP) and 1 A.... I had to rub it gently as I could. (Hence my follow up sentence).

by the end of the year, I'll make you EAT those words. GO B-Pirri. (I'm sure you won't mind)

..........NO surprise at all. Although, Tracey did ask Brandon about whether there was disgruntled players being sent down to Rockford. (Glad I could help, Tracey).

NOW,....let's look at the reality...The kids from Rockford who I said would be studs......ARE!!!! Here's the start of the season's stats. Just take a gander who the top 2 names are? Hmmmm,..........TIME TO BRING J-MO BACK!!!!

2Adam ClendeningD6268+26101.331.0010
19Jeremy MorinLW6347+17101.171.1729
*14Drew LeBlancRW6235-30000.830.007
*25Alex BroadhurstC6145+20000.830.005
*28Mark McNeillC6224+22000.670.3311
16Brad MillsC622406100.671.0011
37Terry BroadhurstLW5134+20000.800.0014
*18Phillip DanaultC6134+34000.670.677

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