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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Joakim Nordstrom: Buyer or Seller?

When the Chicago Blackhawks chose to keep on their roster Joakim Nordstrom and let talented winger Jeremy Morin and talented centerman Brandon Pirri return to the Rockford IceHogs, I had to ask myself if that was really the best move?

Coach Quenneville stated he liked the rapport between Nordstrom and Kruger, however, in the first two games they have had 7 PK opportunities. The result? They've allowed 4 goals. What is J-Mo doing in Rockford? His usual...scoring goals. What is Pirri doing? His usual...feeding assists.

SO, beside's the Nordstrom scenario, I am going to go over a few BUY's vs. SELL's. See if you agree with me?

1) Keep  Joakim Nordstrom on the roster: SELLER. I'm not buying it at all.

2) Q made the right decision in keeping Mike Kostka instead of Ryan Stanton: BUYER. Wow...I know, I actually believe Mike Kostka is the better player. Remember last year in Toronto, he actually played very well. The Hawks stole him for 625k, and he's made the squad. He has a wonderful two way game, he's earned his stripes. I like Kostka much better than Sheldon Brookbank. Still cover my eyes when I see Brooksy on the ice.

3) Hawks made the right decision in sending back Brandon Pirri: SELLER. No way. Not even close. I thought Pirri (if you check my blogs from season's past) should have made the team 2 years ago when they chose Kruger. Kruger has done well and has become a valuable PK guy, which Pirri could not become. However, that being said, Pirri is more talented than present Hawks: Nordstrom, Kruger, Shaw, Bollig, Handzus.... YES HE IS!!! He's that talented. He didn't make the roster NOT because of his lack of talent, but he's not "fitting a role" that they need. That need was a strong 2nd line centerman or a strong PK pairing with Kruger. So,....back to Rockford he went. Bad decision,...again.

4) Hawks made the right decision in sending back Jeremy Morin: SELLER. Not in a million years. NO way no how!!!! Jeremy Morin has the potential to be an NHL superstar. I can't foresee why they didn't think he could fill that PK role,...and be a strong 3rd line pairing with Saad and Shaw. Are you kidding me? Saad - Shaw - Morin? Holy crap!!!! That would be such an intense line. I won't buy this decision even if the Hawks win another cup. They'd have done the same thing with Morin, as well.

5) Hawks made the right decision in keeping Brandon Bollig: BUYER: I will admit, that Bollig is shocking me. I didn't think this kid had any skill. but, he scored in Notre Dame scrimmage, he scored in 2 preseason games, and was the first of the year goal scorer  in Chicago in game 1. (BTW,...that was his first career goal, point, the NHL). As my good Irish buddy would say... Good on ya, Brandon!

6) Hawks made the right decision in keeping Sheldon Brookbank: SELLER. Maybe it's time I ride him. I rode Bickell and called him : useless, worthless, a piece of crap, for almost two, he's awesome. I rode Hjalmarsson, I rode Bollig: Both of them are turning into real players,...especially Hjalmarsson (nice new contract Bro!). So, maybe if I ride Brooksy, he'll actually turn into a decent player. Cuz right now, I want to hold my breath and not look on the ice when he has the puck,...or simply,...for that matter, is on the ice at all.

7) Handzus is the right decision for #2 centerman: BUYER. As much as I wanted Pirri, the Hawks were looking in preseason at Saad. That would have been a crime moving Saad to center. Handzus is an experienced centerman and he's got as much comraderie with Hossa as Kruger does with Nordstrom (snicker, hehehehe...kicking a can in the corner because Pirri is not the guy). So, call me a "disgruntled" buyer.

8) Hawks made the right decision in bringing back Nikolai Khabibulin: BUYER. Again, call me a disgruntled buyer. It's like having to chose a vegetable as a child. Lima beans or brussel sprouts.

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