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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Teuvo...He's a HIT !


I don't think I've seen this much anticipation for a player in a long time. There was some anticipation to see Brandon Pirri, and Jeremy Morin. There was some anticipation to see Drew LeBlanc. The most anticipation I've seen in the past few years had to be the arrival of Antti Raanta. However, the anticipation of 19 year old, 2012 18th overall pick Teuvo (TAY-woe Taer-a-VI-nen) was NUTS!. The first thing we wanted to know when he arrived was, "How do we pronounce your name?"......He gladly told us. He also told us that NOBODY pronounces it correctly. Teevo, Tavo, Tuvo... well not any longer. He will be a household name in Chicago for a long time.

His first game against Dallas was wonderful, and he didn't register a single point. What he did show was his beautifully skilled hands, his ability to see the ice, and his faceoff prowess. He was 7/7 from the dot. Awesome.

Teuvo Teravainen entering the ice at the UC for his 1st official NHL game

The line he was put on: SAAD - TERAVAINEN -SMITH was a wonderful line.  (Guess this puts Morin back in the hot seat again. Just as I was enjoying the "Rockford Files" Line Saad/Smith/Morin: then Teuvo changes that theme.) 3 quick guys. Saad and Smith with a little grit to their game, and all they need is a magic man at center.

He does look like the second line center the Hawks have been dying to have for years and years. We shall see. In the meantime, the Hawks can use Handzus and/or Regin or even Shaw at center.

So, with Teravainen coming in, what could be the possible OFFENSIVE line matchups?

Scenario# 1;
Sometimes Q likes to pair Tazer and Kaner.

Versteeg/Bickell - Toews - Kane
Sharp - Shaw - Hossa
Saad - Teravainen -Smith
Bollig -  Kruger - Bickell/Versteeg

Scratches: Morin,  Handzus, Regin
This loads up 3 offensive lines but hampers the 4th line a bit.

Scenario #2: This is a strong playoff situation. It loads everyline and keeps the 4th line together which has been successful all year long.

Saad - Toews - Kane
Sharp - Teravainen - Hossa
Bickell - Shaw - Versteeg
Bollig - Kruger - Smith

Scratches: Morin, Handzus, Regin

Scenario #3: You may also see a rotation of Kane and Hossa.
Saad - Toews - Hossa
Sharp - Teravainen - Kane

Handzus is "stable" he may get playing time.I only see Bickell right now as the weak link.  Bickell MUST produce or we get a total mix up of lines once again.

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