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Monday, March 17, 2014

Q Shakes Up Lines…IT WORKED!!! Hawks 4-1 Win Over Detroit

23- 19- 81  Versteeg- Toews- Hossa start the game.
29- 26- 88  Bickell- Handzus- Kane as a second line to start the first period.
20- 65- 10  Saad- Shaw- Sharp was a very interesting 3rd line.
52- 16- 28  Bollig- Kruger- Smith…why mess with a good thing? 4th line the same ALL YEAR.

16- 26- 10 Kruger Handzus Sharp… (just after being shorthanded).
23- 19- 81 SAME 1st line.
29- 28- 88-  Wow!!! Smith moves to centering the 2nd line.  Bickell- Smith- Kane
20- 65- 10 SAME 3rd line.
52- 16- 28 SAME. Kruger and Smith rejoin 4th line.

29- 28- 88 2nd Line. Smith again at center.
20- 65- 10 Same 3rd line all game long. (weird seeing Sharp on the 3rd line).
23- 19- 81 Same 1st line all game long.
52- 26- 16  New 4th line. Kruger to wing, Handzus to center.
20- 65- 81….Huh? Hossa goes to the 3rd line with Saad and Shaw.
10- 65- 81… Sharp- Shaw- Hossa. (3rd line is pretty potent yeah?)
Hossa still plays the 1st line late in the game, also.

2nd Period:
Versteeg- Toews- Hossa… Sounds like a good idea.
16-26-10 Kruger- Handzus- Sharp……What?
20-26-16  Saad- Handzus- Kruger. (what line do I call this?)
Bickell Smith and Kane together again…..Hey, if it works…don't mess with it.
Saad Shaw Sharp…back together again.
Shaw- Toew - Sharp. PP Unit.
Versteeg-Smith-Hossa PP Unit….scores…(Leddy scored the PP goal).
20-16-52 Shaw Kruger Bollig reconstructed 4th line.
29- 19- 10  Bickell Toews and Sharp. (I think Sharp may have played on  a zillion different lines tonight)
23- 65- 81  Versteeg Shaw and Hossa (lines are getting ridiculously shuffled after Saad leaves with injury)

3rd Period:
Here's a new one:…..
52- 16- 88        Bollig Kruger and now KANE joins the 4th line.
Later on Handzus takes his place back on the 4th line.
10- 28- 88       Sharp replaces Bickell on the 2nd line.
23- 16- 88   Versteeg Kruger and Kane. Uhmmm 20th line?

 First things first…Saad appears to be okay. Find out more tomorrow with this upper body injury.

Next….musical chairs worked…tonight. This was done to shake up the team tonight toward the beginning of the game. Later on it was done to complete lines since Saad had to leave the game with an injury. Kane and Sharp were floaters. Smith was an experiment……it worked!!!!

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