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Friday, March 21, 2014

MORNING SKATE @ Carolina 21-March-2014

* Morin looks like he's paired with Ben Smith…can't see who else (Bollig is my guess).

* Teravainen isn't on the ice at 10:30am…Don't think he's playing…Just as I suspected.

* Saad was on the ice before morning skate.

* I don't see Saad on for morning skate.

* Teravainen IS DRESSED  ( #86) at 10:42 and on the ice. Yay!!!

* Sharp and Hossa are paired in drills.

* Kruger and Bollig paired in drills

* Rundblad is on the ice (10:47).

* Practicing face off drills with Shaw and Toews (nice to see) (10:50)

* Smith and Regin practicing face offs as well.

* Bickell isn't on the ice. He is dinged up.

* Coach Q says Teravainen isn't playing tonight. He has every intention of playing Teuvo in the near future. Q says "Teravainen is a special player"…comparing him to Kane.

* Saad may be out, as well.

Scott Powers @espnchipowers
Bowman said the 10-game entry-level slide wouldn't be a factor in how much Teravainen plays this season..sure it won't….OF COURSE IT IS!!!!

Sco @thasoapbox
😪 RT @MarkLazerus: Q tells @LukeStuckmeyer that Teravainen won’t play tonight. Neither will Saad, Bickell, Rozsival and Kane. #Blackhawks…well, there you go.  

Chris Kuc @chriskuc
Bryan Bickell and Michal Rozsival also not on the ice for #Blackhawks' morning skate. Jeremy Morin is skating.Bicksy may sit tonight. Q says he's banged up.

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