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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hawks Continue To Play Mediocre Hockey In 2014 Loss to Nashville 3-2@Home

What is it with this team? They only seem to get up to play the better teams, but the lower ranked teams the Hawks go in and play like crap,…expect to skate to a win and they end up losing most of them. This is due to the leadership of players like Keith, Kane, Seabrook and Sharp showing that lackadaisical, half-effort. They know they can turn it on, but they aren't playing with that "hunger" , "desire" to want to put teams away. The Hawks need their leadership core (minus Toews…who always seems to appear for EVERY game), to come to play hard every single night.

Again, tonight, the Hawks aren't playing with any desire to crash the net, get the dirty goal. It's apparent that they think they can turn it on whenever they want. Some bad cancerous attitudes are present in that locker room and they better get rid of it soon before they become a 1st or 2nd round casualty. They're mediocre in PP (lately they're atrocious ), their PK is on the rise but still ranked 20th in the league. In other words, these stats aren't lying.

How about the disappearance of Patrick Kane? WTF has he gone? It appeared with the last two highlight reel goals that he has found his game again. Patrick Sharp? Duncan Keith? Time to step up boys!!!!!!!

Johnny Oduya……other than Colorado (which he showed effort in) he has been bad in judgement.

Andrew Shaw….. is so hit or miss lately. He will make some totally bone head mistakes, then look good on another play.

Marcus Kruger…last two games getting penalties for flipping pucks over the glass. Really?

Peter Regin?…….Totally not buying in the Regin experiment. (I know he scored a goal…great…but, most of the game he looked lost).

Bryan Bickell……hey Bicks!!! Wanna come to play, please?

The entire team is napping. Goaltending hasn't been crisp either. Worried? Yah,…you betcha.

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