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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Teravainen Miracle: Kane Out 2+ Weeks (preliminary assessment)

In the last blog, I pointed out the Hawks needed to get someone out of the lineup in order for him to go under the cap.
1) Kane gets injured: out 2+ weeks:  This will put him on the IR,...therefore this NOW becomes an easy transition for Teuvo Teravainen to play for the Hawks. How easy was that? It's almost as if the Hawks are blessed.

Let's go over some of those lovely breaks.

1) Hawks sign Nikolai Khabibulin to a 1 year contract. He turns out to be a complete bust. He goes down, and the Hawks put in Raanta.

2) Nikolai Khabibulin would put the Hawks in a pinch if he comes back to the team. So, the Hawks find a necessary surgery that he passed on when he signed with the Hawks. This surgery would put Nikolai on permanent LTIR for the remainder of the year. DONE DEAL. Keep him off the roster.

3) Teuvo Teravainen is coming in from Finland and the Hawks have ZERO room for him. The Hawks would have had to make some tough decisions when he got to Chicago this weekend.

         i) He can't play 10 games without being charged a full year's salary. Kane makes $6.3m yearly. Is this
            enough for him to play the rest of the year? Maybe not. So, he has to wait a few more games. But,   he definitely can make the team now.

        ii) Interesting how the "preliminary report" is 2 weeks. That is about how much time they need. Maybe  they need 3 weeks. Watch out for Kane to be put on IR rather than DTD. It is the only way for                     Teravainen to make the roster.
****update: Kane is out for 3-5 weeks.

**** update:Vicctoria Matiash of ESPN reports (pretty much what I stated)…

...Then there's the pending arrival of the club's top prospect. For a couple of weeks now, the Blackhawks faithful have been abuzz about Teuvo Teravainen and how and where he would fit in once landed in North America (his SM-Liiga club, Jokerit, just recently bowed out of the playoffs). Maybe Kane's injury opens the door for NHL entry a little earlier than anticipated. If the Hawks place Kane on injured reserve, they'll clear enough cap space to accommodate Teravainen's $925,000 big-league salary….

There he goes to the big lights. Cant wait to see him play in the big league cya buddy! Break a leg!

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