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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Teravainen and Cap rules

In order for the Hawks to NOT have to pay Teuvo Teravainen a full year's salary, it must be 9 or less games. The Hawks after today will have 13 games left in the season. The reason this is important, is because the Hawks are fully maxed out when it comes to cap space. So, if Teravainen does join the team, it won't be until next week. If Teravainen was to play 9 games in a row, that would mean his first game would be against Boston @Boston.  He could join the Hawks after the Dallas game on the 25th.

I am not so certain if he can practice with the Hawks before then without being dinged against the cap. I will certainly try to find out. Nevertheless, do expect to see Teuvo before the end of this month.

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