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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How To Get Teravainen On The Hawks With Cap Issues

Well, we know for certain that the Hawks are unable to add Teravainen with 10 or more games or he gets paid for a full season and that would put the Hawks over the cap. So, 9 games or less is the key.

What else is a key, is that the Hawks will need to find a way to get him on the roster before the end of the season. Because once the season starts, cap space doesn't come into play.

If that's the case, then look out for the mysterious injury that would get Teravainen on the roster easily.
What?....If a player goes down and is out for 15 days, DL15, that would allow Teravainen to slide in under the cap space,...that injured player gets pulled from the cap room,...thereby allowing Teravainen to slide on to the roster without making room. NICE!!!  Therefore, Regin and Rundblad would be safe. There is one injured player right now, but it's lowly paid Brandon Saad. I am not sure with only $55,000 remaining on the cap, if Saad's salary would cover it.
Saad @ $764,167 cap hit.
Teravainen's hit is at $925,000 (full year salary). With 9 games remaining, what is the cap hit for Teravainen if he only plays 9 games? Is it around $150,000?  I don't think Saad's salary would cover it. I'm sure the brass is trying to figure out everything right now. PLUS,...they need Saad on the ice. He's too important a player.

All the defensemen except for Rundblad make more than Teravainen....(Brookbank, Leddy, Rozsival could be substitutes).
Offensively, Michal Handzus, also a center, could be that replacement. He makes a cool mil ($1,000,000 for those without street cred), and that would cover the cap (I think...again, I am still learning the cap rules, and I will write changes if I find out otherwise...but, I do think I have a good hold of it).
Or,...anyone who goes down with an injury from now until the end of the season that makes more than Teuvo should be able to slide Teuvo right in to the roster.

With the Hawks just recently trading for Regin and Rundblad, and giving up valuable picks for both of them, I don't know if either one of them is able to slide into Rockford without having to clear waivers first. Besides, Regin's hit is at $375k whereas Rundblad's hit is $785k. Looks to me like Regin's here to stay irregardless,... and I don't think the Hawks would have the balls to put Rundblad on waivers (I believe he would have to clear waivers to go down)...

So,...if I have a crystal ball, I say that the Hawks will have a mysterious injury with one of their athletes in the next game or two. Let's see if I'm right..........The reason I say that is that appears to be the easiest way to get him onto the roster.

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