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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Should the Hawks be spending the Next 2 days in Las Vegas?

The Blackhawks had mentally "checked" out the past two days and it was pretty obvious. They lost to 2 struggling teams...and they weren't just losses, they were humiliating losses. The biggest culprit was "Duncan Keith". a -8  +/-  and although he isn't the only person who was mentally in Las Vegas already, he's the 2010 Norris Trophy winner. He's the person that everyone looks up to. This should have NEVER happened. 

Coach Quenneville's reaction.

Coach Q humiliated
Joel Quenneville calls the loss in Edmonton a 'complete break down' and feels everyone must take responsibikity - 11/19

I was not a big Viktor Stalberg fan last the blogs from last year, if you don't believe me. He never felt "part" of the team. This year, I would say he does feel part of the team, but as others are ripping him up today, I will give him a "slight" pass. However, that doesn't excuse the past 2 days.

Bryan Bickell, I have disliked from MOMENT ONE. He was compared to Dustin Byfuglien in regards to the fact that Dustin didn't show up consistently during the season, but was a horse during the playoffs. That is true about Bryan Bickell, also. He did show up during last years run, but ...look what that accomplished. I do wonder if Dustin's laziness for regular season play got him traded. I wouldn't doubt it.

Now, back to Bryan Bickell. He makes just above league min. In the 500k range. If he was waived...he'd probably be picked up. The hawks have to ask if that is worth it.

Niklas Hjalmarsson has been "adequate"...but has he been adequate enough to use as trade bate? He does make some nice coin now(3.5)

Ben Smith. He got a nice awakening coming from Rockford. Not his fault.

The stars? Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp, Marian Hossa, Jonathan Toews. Well,.......let's put this out there. Tazer is the man. He was insane in the circle winning faceoffs. Kaner and Sharpie,.... ahhhhhh marginal with NO energy. Hossa, who "with" Jonathan Toews has been my favorite player this year, need to find something to spark the rest of the players.
Make matters worse, it was Patrick Kane's 23rd birthday. WOW> What a way to celebrate that eh?

Blackhawks angry after loss
Duncan Keith, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp express their embarrassment following the 9-2 defeat in Edmonton - 11/19

So, vote is to cancel the Las Vegas trip, all together. If they want to act like children and prima dona's , then treat them so. The Hawk players are not the only ones who feel embarrassed. So,... do the fans.

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