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Friday, November 18, 2011

Is Ray Emery "trade bate"?

I think "maybe" the Hawks could have used Ray Emery as trade bate a month ago. Alexander Salak was the better goalie in camp, and they may have wanted him to get more playing time before coming up. However, Salak isn't "tearing it up" in Rockford, and Emery is undefeated in 4 games. So, I am not sure that Stan will pull that trigger, we just recently saw, Rostislav Olesz was merely a "time delay" for Ben Smith to get himself ready to come back to the NHL. Once he was ready,...bamm!!! Olesz was outta here...and so was his 3.125 on the salary cap. Emery is making $600,000 and Salak is "slightly" above that. So, that isn't the issue here. The Hawks now have 6million to play with under the cap after the dismissal of Olesz. (We pretty much knew that was going to happen).
Now, for the player I told you guys LONG TIME AGO that I couldn't stand.....Brian Bickell. He's near league minimum and he's extremely trade-able. However, that being said.... he's a good 21st-23rd man and if he plays to his ability is worth holding on to.

So, what about Jeremy Morin and Brandon Pirri?
Morin is just STARTING to play again after nearly 10 months of post concussion. He'll be watched heavily. He could fight for a playoff roster position.

Pirri needs playing time. Let him tear up the AHL rather than sit in the press box hoping to play. If the Hawks get rid of Bickell, (and I surely hope they do), there are players in Rockford that can hold his position. Rob Klinkhammer,Kyle Beach, Jimmy Hayes, Brandon Segal and Brett McLean. Segal and McLean having years of NHL experience. So, they don't need to go outside in order to fill a roster spot. The Hawks don't want to ruin chemistry just to max out on the cap.
Next year the Hawks lose Huet's hefty $5.6m contract.

This is a recent post :
Brian Hedger via twitter: An “insider” told Hedger a few weeks ago that the Blackhawks signing and keeping goalie Ray Emery was mainly for trade value. Hedger wonders if Maple Leafs are #1 in line.

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