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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Should Duncan Keith have his "A" stripped?

In the past 4 periods, Duncan Keith, 2010 Norris Trophy winner is a (-) 8 +/-.... That is atrocious. Further argument would be that he didn't live up to his potential the entire 2010-11 season. He didn't show up until the playoffs. Duncan has played with "lead feet" the past two games and is turning pucks over like he's handing away candy. Surely, he's not the only one, but a the Hawks go into the second period trailing Edmonton 5-1, there must be something done on this blueline...and FAST!!!! It's no longer a's a sieve. I suggest replacing it...even temporarily with Brent Seabrook. He's been an alternate already, he's a leader on this team, and it wouldn't cause as much stir in the locker room if , let's say, Marian Hossa was named  the alternate captain. They need to shake thing up, but don't want to be too detrimental. In fact, coming up with some mysterious "lower body injury" he can sit for 4-5 games, then add Seabrook as "A"...that may do the trick as well. But, he absolutely needs a rest out there. He looks plain AWFUL.

I believe that this move would be astronomical. It would shake up  the locker room, but, I believe that it MUST be done.

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