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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Screaming fans want Bickell's release.

Well, tonight is the second straight game where Bryan Bickell is going to be a healthy scratch. Ben Smith played in his place last game and rewarded the team with a goal. So, Coach Quenneville is going again with Ben Smith and Bryan Bickell is going to ride the pine. Very nice!!!! I honestly don't think Bryan Bickell will learn a single thing unless he sits about 20+ games in a row. THEN, maybe he'll show up............(but, it will only be temporary. He's as lazy as they come).
Tonight The Hawks play in St. Louis versus a stubborn St. Louis Blues team where Ray Emery gets the call vs  Brian Elliot. Brian Elliot was the back up behind Halak. Halak struggled and Elliot came and tore up the ice. He leads the league in GAA. I think this is a good call. Crawford has been struggling of late and I think Emery is itching to show what he can do.
Again,.........thank you Coach Q for benching Bickell !!!!!

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