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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Good , The Bad and the Whaaaat?

The Hawks just beat the Minnesota NorthStars......ah, just joking. The Minnesota Wild. Yes, that's right this Wild team leads the entire league in POINTS. Hawks won in overtime 4-3. There are a few notes to take from this game. Here they are.

1) Bryan Bickell is still USELESS. I watched the game and his linemates did well, but Bryan didn't do crap.
2) Hawks can gather emotion enough to tie a game in the 3rd...and they can cough up the lead just as easily.
3) Michael Frolik played less than Bickell.  Whaaat? Everytime he was on the ice he was all over the ice. Finishing checks, making clean passes. He looked good tonight eventhough he played under 9 minutes.
4) Danny dropped the gloves and he also surrounded the net pretty good tonight.
5) Defensively, Duncan Keith either looked sloppy or unbelievable. I saw him do both. But, for the most part, he was wonderful. He and Seabrook both were.
6) Steve Montador, ever since his  PP time, has dropped off to oblivion. He hasn't impressed me much.
7) John Scott played against his former mates. He did pretty well.
8) Sami Lepisto still is in the Coach Q dog house. Not sure why.
9) Hawks haven't tried to fill that 23rd roster spot yet.
10) If Ray Emery continues to play like this he may take over the starting goaltender spot from Corey Crawford.(Sophomoritis disease Corey?)
11) I know that Andrew Brunette is going to probably get his 20 goals, and is great in the lockerroom, (maybe a future coach...we'll see), but his game is really SOOOO SLOW. He leads the team with the worst +/- rating.  Whaaaaaaaaat? Yeah, it's true.
12) Patrick Kane's sick-ass move during the shoot-out will be shown for ages. It may end up the play of the week. He slows down about 20 feet in front of Backstrom and stick handles about 10 times to a disgusting backhand that dropped Backstrom to the left to only have Kane drift to Backstroms right with an open netted forehand. SICK move Patrick!!!!!
13) Hawks have played 5 games this month in O.T. They are presently 5-0-1. They could easily have been 1-0-5 if they would have lost in OT or SO. So,...from 7 possible points to 11. I said this earlier (but then the Hawks tanked in Calgary and Edmonton, I have to be careful no to jinx them),...this team (anti-jinx word) MOSTLY knows how to grab points.
Win's in O.T.:            3
Win's in S.O.             4
O.T. Loss                   2
Shoot out Loss         2
11 Games of 31 (approx 1/3) have gone into O.T.  Therefore max 22 points. Hawks come out with 18 points.
Hawks are presently 19-8-4. The worst they could have been with the overtimes is: 12 -8-11. So, instead of 35 points (no OT wins) they are at 42 points. So, that is approximately 15 points +  if you take in to account they do the same thing the second half. That's the difference between 97 points and barely making the playoffs, (i.e. last year), or +110pts and winning the division,... if not the conference. Big yeah?

Hawks still need to improve. But this year, unlike any other year, their superstars are handling the majority of the load.

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