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Friday, December 16, 2011

As much as I dislike Bryan Bickell, he wasn't at the top of my shit list.

Yes, it has been known that I DO NOT LIKE BRYAN BICKELL and his lazy-ass attitude. But, as I put on the title of this post,....he wasn't at the top of my list.

I will call this the Rocky era list of  "Dr. G's dog house).
1) CAM BARKER... That man was the biggest waste of space EVER. He was crap in Minnesota,... he got demoted to the AHL,...and he's crap in Edmonton. He was an extremely over drafted (thanks talent scouts), extremely over paid defensemen. He had ONE good year. (2007). Then, after that,.......pththththth (or whatever sound shit makes).  Good riddens to bad rubbish.

2) Jake Dowell... Only reason he made the team was because of the salary cap. He was alright as a 4th line player, but I never grew fond of him...and I don't know why.

3) Jack Let-me-look-up-your-last-name-because-you-were-so-irrelevant-that-I-already-forgot-your-last-name Skille. He took a pay cut at $600k to make th eHawks roster in 2010-11 and he still blew donkey-balls.

4) Cristobal Where-the-fuck-is-he-now Huet.  5 1/2 million  per year. He was sooooo overpaid it was disgusting.

5) Brian Campbell. This one's a little unfair for me to dislike him as I hated the fact the Hawks couldn't do SHIT with their lineup because this red head was making 7.1m a year. He's a great player but not 7.1 m worth. He littlerally handcuffed the Hawks with that monstrosity of a contract.

6) Viktor Stalberg. This one's interesting. Last year I couldn't stand this pre- Madonna . This year, the effort is there ad I actually like the guy. Different attitude, different person around the locker room.  Different around the fans. This year.... I LIKE V-BERG !!!!

7)  Sammy Paulson. He didn't amount to shit the few games he played for the Hawks. He looks better in Columbus blue anyway.

8) Fernando Pisani. Really? What the hell did this guy ever do to better the Hawks? Not a damned thing. Glad this useless guy is gone. USELESS. (not as bad as Cam Barker,...but close).

9) Jordan Hendry. Another Jake Dowell situation here. Only reason he made the team was because he was at league minimum and the Hawks were strapped financially. HE SUCKED ASS.

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