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Friday, December 2, 2011

Last Week of November...

Well, they could have ended up at 8-5-1 which would have been quite impressive despite a terrible center. However, the Hawks showed how well they "tail off" when they aren't pushed and prodded. This team, isnt' quite like last year where you had to push , prod, scream and humiliate and they still didn't gel. However, it only takes a few bad apples to make a team go down hill. Duncan Keith was at the top of that list. When he's working hard on defense.......there just isn't any better. But, he has gotten into this 'shluff-off mode' and I believe that attitude ruminates throughout the locker room. Patrick Kane: He's in my hot-box as well. I think with the type of player he is, he needs to be more reminiscent of the guy who scored that game winning goal to win the cup. It's there, but I think his move at center didn't give him that flair he wanted. Good news for him, Q must have seen that,...and moved him back to the top line with Tazer and V-Berg. Partly due to Marcus Kruger's emergence, but I wonder if there was an excuse there waiting to happen, but Kruge's became the easy escape. Then the top of my "Shit Pile" no other than: Bryan Bickell. He's just USELESS outside of the playoffs. Carcillo got penalized one game for lazy play.........How about Bickell? He's a jackass on skates. Get rid of him. He'll be picked up. He's only making just above league minimum.

So, the Hawks head into December with a mediocre 14-8-3 record. This month is mostly home games. I believe they'll find that mojo there again. I think there was too much drama in that Circus trip. Now time to drop the drama and get back to work.

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