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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Use Me, Trade Me, or Lose Me

Jeremy Morin and Brandon Pirri are now playing for a different reason. Either Hawks can use them, trade them to a team by the March 5th trade deadline,...or lose them completely.

1)RFD @ UTI2014-02-01-1112-----
2)HAM @ RFD2014-02-04-1123-----
3)IA @ RFD2014-02-0831426-1---
4)UTI @ RFD2014-02-091-1-5-1---
5)CHI @ RFD2014-02-1412312---1-
6)RFD @ IA2014-02-15-22-4-----
7)RFD @ IA2014-02-161-1152--1-
8)CHI @ RFD2014-02-21-11142----
9)MIL @ RFD2014-02-221-1172----
10)RFD @ IA2014-02-252-218-1--1
FEBRUARY TOTALS9817104663-21
SEASON TO DATE TOTALS2021418185475-24

Look at those sick stats by J-Mo. 9 goals in the last 8 games. He has now reached that point per game status. Not far behind,...the AHL's 2013 scoring leader and 2014 AHL All-Star...Brandon Pirri.

1)RFD @ MIL2014-01-241-1-21--1--
2)MIL @ RFD2014-01-25-22-2-----
3)RFD @ MIL2014-01-26----3-----
1)IA @ RFD2014-02-08----1-----
2)UTI @ RFD2014-02-09112-5---1-
3)CHI @ RFD2014-02-141-1-82----
4)RFD @ IA2014-02-15-11-7-----
5)RFD @ IA2014-02-162-223----1
6)CHI @ RFD2014-02-2111216---1-
7)MIL @ RFD2014-02-221-1-321--1
8)RFD @ IA2014-02-25-11-7-----
SEASON TO DATE TOTALS101323-387101142

He is also at a point per game clip...Both are lighting the lamp regularly too.

Now, I want to pause this information frenzy on both J-Mo and Pirri for a second. I saw an article last week about how 2...or was it 3 people?... from the Rockford IceHogs back a few years ago tore up the AHL, but haven't torn up the NHL. Names mentioned that I can remember, were St. Pierre and  Brower.....

I get the correlation there, but what's the entire purpose of the AHL? Isn't it to prep our players for the NHL game? If they are succeeding heavily on this level, but aren't succeeding on the NHL level,...why does it have to be the players fault? They are doing something right if they are succeeding in the AHL level. So, why isn't it translating? Who knows? It could be the style of play, to the confortability with their line mates in the AHL to the lack thereof in the NHL. Who knows? It could be the pressure to succeed in unrealistic expectations and not a big time frame or not a lot of ice time to prove it either.

Look,...I love my Blackhawks, but there is NO WAY either guy got a fair shot. Morin was barely getting 6 minutes a game in the 4th line. Pirri was also not given the same time frame to succeed. It was completely unrealistic for either player to fit into the Hawks system and succeed with the stranglehold of expectations put on them with the limited amount of ice time they were getting.

So, as both players have been told by Coach Dent, they can play well for other teams to notice or the Hawks will notice their play for their own team. Well, I think the bridge is slowly burning on either end for both players with the Blackhawks organization, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel for both players with other NHL franchises shortly. Which one of these two great AHL starts gets their shot with another hockey club soon? We'll soon find out. March 5th is rapidly approaching.

Good luck to both Jeremy Morin and Brandon Pirri. I am a fan of both.

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