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Sunday, February 23, 2014

EXTREMELY Perplexing Trade: Bouchard/ Regin

Yeah, after the Olympics,  I continued to look at this trade the Hawks made with the New York Islanders. It is definitely perplexing to me.

The Hawks are continually looking for that 2nd line centerman and to me….they have a fantastic one in   Brandon Pirri. Why the Hawks won't give him his TRUE shot….I still can't understand. Yet, they make this confusing-as-all-hell trade for Peter Regin and Pierre-Marc Bouchard and give up the 2014 4th round pick.

Firstly, the more serviceable center man is Bouchard. Has 10 years experience (9 of which were with the Minnesota Wild)…to be thrown to the wolves (so to speak) by the NY Islanders by having to sign a  2 way contract. WOW! Now, this guy is simply used as an attachment or... dump-off (so to speak), for whom the Hawks really want…and that's Peter Regin……WTF?!!!! Regin over Pirri? What a joke!!!

I have NO idea why the Hawks don't like Pirri. Is it his AHL point leading 2013 season they hate so much? Maybe it's the 2014 AHL All-Star MVP they hate. Or could it be they hate he's almost a point-a-game guy for the IceHogs? Wow!!! Seriously, I'm amazed.

Now, let's continue to look at the Hawks stupidity this year. They get rid of  Ryan Stanton by way of waivers….therefore not getting jack-shit back for one of our top prospects, who has become a stud in Vancouver, and the Hawks chose Michael Kostka instead. Half the time he's a healthy scratch to just recently (today) he got put on waivers. What is going on in Stan Bowman's head? Letter grade: F

Wait!!!!!! There's more… the Hawks selected at the beginning of the season Joakim Nordstrom instead of Jeremy Morin. Are you freakin' kidding me? BTW,…as you have read many of my posts, you all know I love both Morin and Pirri. So,….today is my soapbox day, for I saw this writing on the wall months ago. Letter grade: D-

IF,…and ONLY if the Hawks can bring up Morin or Pirri after Kostka clears waivers, then I'll be able to make some semblance of what is going on in their heads.

I would GUESS that Morin would get that shot,….NOT Pirri,…cuz Regin is a centerman. But, who knows what's going on in their skulls at this moment.  Is Pirri going to be traded? There is some serious interest in this kid right now….why not…HE'S AWESOME!!!!!!!

Reminder: BOTH Morin and Pirri's contracts are finished after this season.

So, to wrap this up, let us say that I believe Stan's way of handling our prospects this year was piss poor. Not a little bad,…freakin' atrocious.  From Stanton to Jimmy Hayes, from Dylan Olsen to Joakim Nordstrom, from Morin to Pirri to Regin for 4th round picks. Whew!!!!!! I'm a bit scared. Time to get on my knees and pray.

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