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Sunday, February 2, 2014

As Bickell Brews

As Bryan Bickell is back to his old pre-2013 playoff habits, he is once again, a healthy scratch for the 3rd game.

What do the Hawks do with him? Do they bench him to get him good and hungry? Do, they play him again and send Pirri back down? Do they try trading him? What needs to be done?

As the Hawks attempt to figure this out, they are in the middle of  the Murderers Row Road Tip. There are only 3 games left before the Olympics and only 4 left for the entire month (as they finish against NY Rangers on the 27th of February). I say, …let him brew for the entire month. Let him rethink his game and maybe we'll see a bit more fire out of him come March.

Remember when Bickell started out on the first line this year? Then he played the 3rd line because of his lack of production. As Joel Quenneville stated,  "We need more"….enough said. More energy, more checking, more getting in front of the net, more offense. He's playing on 40% right now. NOT good enough for the immense pay raise he got. NOT nearly good enough. Hope this doesn't turn into the biggest mistake that Stan Bowman has done during his regime. Bickell, himself knows his play hasn't been any good, now he needs to step it up. Brew baby brew!!!! Then come back with a vengeance in March!

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