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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Should The Hawks Be Interested In Ryan Callahan?

Captain of America's largest franchise, RW Ryan Callahan is being shopped around the league for a trade. Guess the Rangers fear the most. Ryan Callahan wants to shop the market or he wants out of NY. The Hawks would be wise to go for this tallented RW if he can handle a $5m a year contract. With the cap space going up, the Hawks could trade LW Bryan Bickell and his $4m/per year contract and receive Callahan. Problem is Callahan is more than a rental and with that risk the Hawks should ask for more. Bickell would still have 3 years left.
How about: Callahan, 2014 2nd round, 2015 2nd Round, >>>> Hawks
                   Bickell, Jeremy Morin, + any of these: Oduya, 3rd Round 2014 & 2015>>>>> Rangers

That would give the Hawks a solid 3rd line. Callahan, Shaw and put Versteeg LW.

Although the likelihood of this trade happening is slim, is an idea. They are shopping. Throw something out at them. The Hawks would have the hands up here for the Rangers HAVE to unload Callahan or they would get nothing back in return. At this moment, it appears that St. Louis and Columbus are the ones shopping. If the Hawks get wind of the fact that St. Louis is in the hunt, this could be when the Hawks jump.

In other words,...Hawks don't need the deal, so they don't have to mortgage the farm. Offer should consist of something favorable: MORIN, something of value: DRAFT PICKS,...and something in the Hawks favor: Unloading Oduya.

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