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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Twitter Responses About The Blackhawks (September)!)

Best tweets I've seen in a while.

Nick LaPage @nlapage
What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? — Play for the Chicago Blackhawks
  • Patrick Sharp @10psharp
    Waiting for a flight to NYC. Quick lunch at the Blackhawks O'Hare restaurant with a couple of (referring to Kane and fans....hehehehehehe)

    Joe Haggerty @hackswithhaggs
    I'd advise the Chicago Blackhawks not to have Corey Crawford sign his new, bountiful 6-year deal with his glove hand #highgloveside (Yeah?...that glove hand is gonna be boasting a ring this year.)

    Zach Zaidman @zachzaidman
    Total aside: During press conference in Stockholm, President Obama expressed how grateful Blackhawks are for their several Swedish imports. (Thank you Mr. President)

    Elina C hjalmarsson @elinacasell
    We are so happy to announce that we will be with the Blackhawks for another 5 years after this one #newcontract  (nice to see Blackhawks wives tweeting too.)

    kat ツ @boybandxslut
    In 2010 the blackhawks lost important people but now mostly, they're resigning important people can i get an amen  ( Amen !!!!)

    Matthew Dominick @mattdominick
    Just overheard somebody call the Stanley Cup the "Blackhawks Keg." (Ooh, I like that one.)

  • Conrad Nivar @nivar268conrad
    This Blackhawks power play is sponsored by irony, (okay...that is funny!)
Rob @robeffinbrown
@johnjf125 Blackhawks: best jersey in all of sports (Of course, matter what anyone sees/says,....we know the Hawks have the best jersey in ALL of sports)

sportsPond53 @sportspond53
RT @OhHossaNight: The Blackhawks are back on the ice today and suddenly all is right with the world.  (Smart person!)

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