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Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Project Hossa To Miss 20-25 Games This Season

Marian Hossa has a lower back injury. A "pinched nerve". He has been getting "treatment" on his back, has gone to the gym daily and yet the pain recurs. The Brass and staff thought that the injury was finished with because he was pain free over the summer.  Well folks,...guess what? The pain was merely dormant.

If we remember that series against Boston, we saw a hobbling Hossa on the Ice during game six. He could barely move. We don't know by the interviews he's given if this pain radiates down his leg (L4 sciatic nerve involvement) or if this pain goes across his back (Localized pain L5, S1). We don't even know if the pain went down both legs (retrolisthesis of L4). The thing we DO know however, is that he has not been treating his pain properly. He believes he is, but he is not.

There's an old expression, "It's not how HARD you work,'s how SMART you work." That fits Marian's scenario perfectly. For those of you that have had proper chiropractic care, it is more than merely a "crack of the back". If Marian went to the right chiropractor, the chiropractor would be able to remove those subluxations and start to restore his health immediately. The subluxations are what is "pinching the nerve", and if any of you have ever had that reoccurring pain in your back, and then went to the chiropractor you'll know EXACTLY what I am talking about. That pain is removed immediately. With regular maintenance (3-5 x/wk) he would be able to restore that back in such a short time, putting him back on the ice without concern of it happening again. This form of back restoration, to our knowledge, hasn't been offered to Marian Hossa. Since he is going to take the medical doctors advice,  he is going to do physio, and work out programs, and pain killers and injections. All of this is going around the problem,...but, never in truth, resolving the matter. (...working hard not smart)

So, I predict, Marian's back is going to REPEATEDLY be holding him out of the line-up.  He'll try to play with it, at first,  then he'll miss time.  Then he'll come back saying his back feel's greater than ever, and guess what? will happen again (somewhere around Olympic time). I will not be astonished if he has to sit out the Olympics in 2014.

I believe that this will give players i.e. Jeremy Morin (I have a gutty suspicion he's going to go back down to Rockford...which to me sucks, btw) to come back and play a bigger role than originally suspected.

So, as Marian's health journey is going to be a yearly comedy of errors, you will see that I am not a magician or a genie in a bottle,...just someone that knows how to properly treat an EASY ailment such as Marian's.......for, I TOO am a chiropractor.

-Dr. G

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