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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blackhawks Roster Cut To 28.

The big name in this last cut was Drew LeBlanc. I thought he would push Brandon Pirri.
What is surprising is who is left (outside of the favorite 4: Morin, Hayes, Smith, Pirri).

1) Joakim Nordstrom: 21 year old Swedish Centerman has impressed the Hawks enough to keep him until the last week. He has had a fabulous camp, but I don't believe it's good enough to take over Brandon Pirri's spot on the team.

2) Brad Winchester: 6'5" 230# tough guy who has 390 NHL games under his belt. I thought after 3 straight games of scoring goals, that Brandon Bollig was a lock to make the team. Hmmm, not sure what the thought process is here.

3) Theo Peckham: 6'2" 246# veteran defenseman has spent the better part of 5 years with the Edmonton Oilers.

4) Michael Kostka: A seasoned AHL guy who finally got his chance last year with Toronto, had a good year in Toronto,...and has had a good camp here in Chicago. Let's see what Stan plans on doing with this wonderful 27yr. old prospect.

5) Ryan Stanton: Let me be blunt about this. Ryan deserves his shot in the NHL. However, that being said,...who you going to kick out in order to let him on the team?

3 defenseman are in this list. What is surprising is the defensive top 7 are all signed. Sure, I wish Sheldon Brookbank would go. He's simply NOT good enough to make the Hawks. He always looks "odd" on the ice and never appears to be in the right spot. He's the player that kind of sticks out like a sore thumb. Even in the last game against Pittsburgh,....that cross ice give away to Kris Letang leading to a breakaway goal. Often in a game, Brookbank doesn't seem to get noticed until he does something stupid......then you notice him. But, aren't the Hawks stuck with him? Who's going to want him? Sad, too,...because I hear he's such a nice guy and well liked in the locker room.  One week to go,...let's see what the Hawks do. Winchester and Peckham stick out like a sore thumb on that list of 5. I did know when the Hawks signed Winchester, Peckham and Kostka, that they were going to be given that shot to make the roster. I just don't see it. To be honest, I don't see it for any of those 5. The most surprising name on that list has got to be the young Swede, Joakim Nordstrom. ...Hey,...Hawks love their Swedes!!!!!

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