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Monday, September 2, 2013

Corey Crawford Signs For Six Year Extension

I had just written about this a few posts ago. We knew the Hawks were going to have to divvy up the dough to Corey by the end of the year. The question still remains...How much did he get? I am curious to find out if his contract is what I suspected ($5.625m/ per year, is my guess). Capgeek doesn't have that information out yet, but it will be out shortly. (when that occurs, I'll edit this post and put the actual terms of his contract out).

Is Corey Crawford worth 6 years? That is the initial question. I believe he is. I think 6 years is pushing the envelope. I thought he may get 5 years for $5.625 million.

So, the over-under right now is $33,750,000 (5.625/yrly).

JUST REPORTED.....6 YEAR/$36,000,000 ($6m/yrly)

Did he reach the $6m or $7m mark? We'll see what the Hawks (Stan Bowman and company) thought he was worth.

This solidifies the Hawks primary goaltending position for 6 years. This pretty much allows the Hawks to get whom they want as a back up. If Antti Raanta is ready, he'll come up. If Khabibulin plays well, he may get another year extension. Or they may grab another proven back up until a home grown goalie is ready. (Other goaltenders in the system are Kent Simpson, Mac Carruth, Matt Tomkins, Brandon Whitney....all not ready for the jump).

Congratulations to Corey,...but, I wonder if that was a wise thing? Do you want someone playing a season playing satisfied and content, or do you wish them to be hungry and eager to prove more? The Hawks apparently felt they didn't want to let Crawford go and shop the market in the 2014 off-season.

Since Bowman has made some wise decisions of late, let's take it as a wise move, until proven otherwise.

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