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Sunday, March 25, 2012

League gives Duncan Keith a 5 game suspension

An illegal hit where principal contact was the head.
Never been suspended in 7 previous seasons.
Player got injured......The result 5 game suspension for Duncan Keith.

Now,......Shane Doan ......let's look at his punishment.
An illegal hit where principal contact was the head.
HAS been suspended. And just recently too.
Player got injured......The result 3 game suspension for Shane Doan.

So, did Vancouver bark loud enough? Was Duncan Keith given 5 games because of WHOM he injured?
Was he given 5 games because Brendan Shanahan honestly believed that it was retaliatory  for a hit Sedin put on Keith just moments prior?

Whatever the case, there was no consistency in the leagues call. What's fair for Shane Doan, should have been the case for Duncan Keith. Keith should have gotten a two game suspension, NOT 5.

Guess this will fire the Hawks up more when they meet Vancouver again. These two teams truly hate each other, and this rivalry is as good as the Colorado vs Detroit rivalry back in the 90's.

Steve Montador is skating again, and his return appears to be imminent. Jonathan Toews is skating again, but no word on his return.   Hawks are 3 points behind Detroit both with 7 games remaining.  Hawks are 2 points behind Nashville both with 7 games remaining. (Nashville has the tie breaker).

Hawks need to bury their heads and try focusing on winning out the remainder of the season. St. Louis is stalling at 101 points. Though that idea of them taking the #1 or#2 seed is slim,'s NOT out of the question,...yet. The Hawks and the Pittsburgh Penguins are the 2 hottest teams right now. Both peaking at the absolutely right time. These were my two picks for the finals. I still believe it can be this way, but there is  a lot of work to do. (More for the Hawks then Pittsburgh). This is playoff time, crunch time and the final two weeks of regular season hockey will have a lot of shuffling going on an jockeying for playoff positions. Stay tuned. This is going to be a fun 2 weeks. (Hopefully, it's fun for Hawks fans too...cross your fingers).

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