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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hawks fold like a blanket Nashville 6:1

First game without Duncan Keith proved to be disastrous. Coach Q was back to his same old shit again. He, I believe gets flustered when playing Nashville. Morrisson, Frolik and O'Donnell in the lineup. Jimmy Hayes sat out.  When is anyone on that staff going to realize that Crawford can't play more than 4-5 games in a row. He plays "tired" after that. Just look at this track record. So, if the Hawks may the playoffs, they better share net time.
Nashville has OWNED the Hawks this regular season. That 2 points, this late in the season was an important 2 points to lose. They Hawks played uninspired. Yuk!

4   N. HjalmarssonD000-20119:4800:0200:4720:37
6   S. O'DonnellD000-12010:4400:0001:0311:47
7   B. SeabrookD000-20219:3804:1900:4724:44
8   N. LeddyD011-10218:2504:0701:1323:45
10   P. SharpL000-20111:2604:1600:4916:31
15   A. BrunetteL00010011:0403:2400:0014:28
17   B. MorrisonC000-30110:2802:3200:0013:00
22   J. MayersR000-20110:2300:0001:3712:00
25   V. StalbergR101-10313:3501:0300:0014:38
27   J. OduyaD000-20218:1004:0202:1624:28
29   B. BickellL000-10014:0200:0000:0014:02
34   D. OlsenD000-10011:0000:0000:0011:00
36   D. BollandC00002012:1703:3001:1216:59
52   B. BolligL000-25107:2900:0000:0007:29
65   A. ShawR011-10115:0404:0700:0019:11
67   M. FrolikR00000312:3500:2200:4813:45
81   M. HossaR00000512:4004:1401:4018:34
88   P. KaneC00000216:1704:0200:0020:19


Let's be truthful here,...Brandan Morrison wasn't one of Stan Bowman's greatest decisions. In fact, he's been a total disaster since arriving in Chicago. Most of the time he's actually been a healthy scratch.

 Bruno only played 3+ minutes the entire game but was the only one that was +1. How funny is that?

Hossa had 5 shots, Stalberg and Shaw find a way to manage a point.

Nick Leddy looked LOST. He was missing open guys, and making bad passes.

This effort by the Hawks lacked chemistry..............and seriously, it looked like the team of February. Sad, sad, sad.

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