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Monday, March 12, 2012

Hawks lose a thriller in S.O. to L.A. & Carcillo resigned for 2 more years

Hawks played well. Jonathan Quick was his typical difficult self, and Ray Emery also played well.
It took until the 6th round of a S.O. to get a winner tonight. A little unfulfilled for they played well enough to win. The Hawks, laid the lumber on people tonight. I don't recall a game where the Hawks had so many hits on it's opponent. It was quite nice to see.

In surprising news, The Hawks resigned Daniel Carcillo to another 2 years. I like that resigning, but wasn't sure he was going to get another contract. They need someone like Daniel in the lineup. He brings grit, but he also brings speed and plays well with the top stars. He's well liked in the locker room and it's obviously apparent, the Hawks liked him too.

Jonathan Toews may be back from his concussion by next week. That is the best news of all. Hawks would have had a difficult time doing anything in the playoffs, and that's even if they would have made the playoffs. They have 12 games to go, and the schedule is a tough one. They'll need a healthy team to continue trying to nail down a playoff spot. The 6th position would give them the right to play either Dallas or Phoenix. Hawks have had their issues with both teams, but I do believe in a playoff situation, the Hawks should beat either one of them. That is the position I'd like to see the Hawks end the season in.

2   D. KeithD000-10525:092:012:0529:15
4   N. HjalmarssonD00010014:210:001:5516:16
7   B. SeabrookD01110124:410:002:0526:46
8   N. LeddyD000-10218:581:130:0020:11
10   P. SharpL01120120:262:011:0323:30
15   A. BrunetteR000-10111:291:500:0013:19
16   M. KrugerC10110315:141:121:4818:14
22   J. MayersR0000018:292:481:0912:26
25   V. StalbergL01112711:390:000:0011:39
27   J. OduyaD00000320:582:561:5525:49
29   B. BickellL000-10215:240:480:0016:12
34   D. OlsenD0000009:530:000:009:53
36   D. BollandC000-10316:430:001:4818:31
39   J. HayesR0000027:530:000:007:53
52   B. BolligL0000505:160:000:005:16
65   A. ShawL000-12115:200:000:0015:20
81   M. HossaR01100218:582:082:1223:18
88   P. KaneR10100319:093:030:0022:12


 LAK32   J. Quick (W)32 - 343 - 30 - 035 - 370.94664:38
 CHI30   R. Emery (L)24 - 263 - 30 - 027 - 290.93165:00

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