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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hawks Play Nashville to clinch playoff spot

The Chicago Blackhawks play Nashville tomorrow in Nashville to try and earn a playoff spot. They are one win away from clinching a playoff position without help from anyone else.

4 games to go. Nashville (away), Minnesota (home/away) and Detroit (away).  Hawks are 1 point behind Nashville with Nashville having the game at hand. Hawks are 2 points behind Detroit with Detroit having a game at hand. Because the Hawks didn't do well against Nashville, or Phoenix. they have to have more points against them. Hawks did alright this year against Detroit, but Detroit still has the upper hand.
As once stated, it's a dangerous game to try to lose to the 6th spot just to play either Dallas or Phoenix.
So, the best thing the Hawks can do is try to win without any help....and let the chips fall where they may.
If the Hawks did win out, (and I don't think they will...will be lucky to hit 99pts this year splitting the last four games),....they'd end up at 103 points. 6 behind my prediction of 109. They probably would have been there if they didn't have that massive 9 game slide. However, the fact is they just need to get ready for the playoffs, get Duncan Keith back from suspension and Jonathan Toews back from concussion. They play with their full team, and the recent play of players like : Shaw, Stalberg, Crawford, Oduya, Keith, Sharp, Kane and Hossa...they have as good a shot as any to win and go deep in the playoffs.
This was an interesting year, for they were a team with so much talent, but it took a while to find themselves. That they did after they 9 game slide. I felt they needed 8-9 wins this month to regain their strength. They are 10-2-2 this month with one game left. That is an outstanding month. But, they really need to go 10-2-3 or 11-2-2 to make that extra step. That step into the playoffs without anyone's help.

I haven't said this in a while.......Let's go Hawks!!!

Western Conference
X - ST LOUIS784820101064420215130-4-418-16-65-2-3
Y - VANCOUVER77472191034023118723-10-424-11-56-3-1
X - DETROIT7746265973923919130-5-216-21-33-5-2
X - NASHVILLE7744258964021920224-9-520-16-35-4-1
LOS ANGELES77382712883217816521-14-417-13-87-3-0
SAN JOSE78392910883121120124-12-315-17-75-4-1

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