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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Montador, Kruger-IR; Shaw& Olsen called up.

Andrew Shaw and Dylan Olsen will be making their NHL debut in Philly. One thing I will give Stan Bowman credit for is he is trying to fill that roster with AHL hopefuls. (Morin, Pirri, Hayes, Smith, Kruger, Shaw and Olsen) as well as Saad.

Kruger has stuck with the team, but is on the IR. Smith , Morin and Pirri are almost ready to seriously compete for full time spots within a year or two. Saad - this kid is going to be a superstar.
Shaw will fill the Carcillo spot, and Olsen is a stay-at-home defenseman and will take Montador's spot. Lepisto is probably going back in the dog house (if he resigns with the Hawks...he would be NUTS and so would the Hawks for offering it to him).  John Scott needs to be better with his passing. His skating has gotten much better, but now it's the finite part of the game he needs to work on.

Hawks play @ Philly tomorrow night. Should be a great game.

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