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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Carcillo gets a 7 game suspension by NHL

Okay,... I know that Brandan Shanahan is trying to control incidences of violence. But, c'mon....7 games. Really Brandon? I understand that it was a violation of the "Boarding Rule" and that Daniel Carcillo is a 9 time suspended player,...but really? 7 game suspension? You're going to turn Carcillo into a pussy cat. He's going to find himself out of the league because what he's good at, isn't allowed.

Granted, I don't like injuries. I thought Carcillo was going to get 3-4 games. 7 is heinous. We shall learn in the few months what this actually does to Danny's game. 

Dan Carcillo suspended 7 games
Chicago Blackhawks forward Dan Carcillo has been suspended for 7 games for his boarding penalty against the Edmonton Oilers.
1/04/2012  2:21 Mins
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